Chrysler UConnect has your back on the Longest Trips

At the start of every major road trip, you're probably pretty prepared to keep your kids entertained. Books, art supplies, music, and snacks are all neatly arranged and ready to be pulled out at the first sign of boredom. What happens, though, when the books have been read, the art supplies used up, the music listened to, and the snacks eaten? You could try singing songs, or, if you're driving a new Chrysler Pacifica with UConnect, just turn on the power and enjoy glorious silence for the rest of your trip.

UConnect gives your kids the ability to customize their entertainment experience by being loaded with apps, games, integration with the onboard Blu-Ray player, and even a notification of how long it is until you're "there yet." With two separate 10.1-inch screens, there will never be any arguments about what to do. Your kids will be entertained, you'll be satisfied, and everyone will arrive at the destination in a much better mood. Come to Poway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to check out all the amazing available features on the new Chrysler Pacifica today!

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