The Damage Extreme Temperatures Have on a Car Battery

Even though the battery in your car appears to be operating, it could be at risk of failure after enduring another extreme season. Here is how extreme weather negatively impacts the car battery. In the extreme heat of summer, the liquids in the battery may start evaporating. When this happens, it becomes much harder for the chemical reaction needed to start the car to occur. Fewer chemicals mean more strain on the battery, and it will wear much faster.

As the freezing cold of winter arrives, it starts to have an effect on the chemicals in the battery. If they freeze, they expand, and that means they can push the casing to its limits and cause damage that cannot be reversed when temperatures warm.

At Poway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, be sure to come by for a checkup of your car battery in our service center. That way, you can make it easy to ensure that there are no troubles on the road this year.

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