What Happens When Tires are Underinflated?

Vehicle manufacturers recommend tire air-pressure levels for the best performance, road handling, fuel mileage, and impact absorption that the tire can provide for the vehicle in question. Air pressure determines the load carrying capacity of your vehicle as well as the amount of the tire that greets the road.

Underinflation of tires generates more heat inside the tire as there are fewer air molecules to absorb the heat leading to the acceleration of air leakage through the tire. An underinflated tire absorbs fewer impacts from the road increasing the tires vulnerability to harsh impacts like potholes or other hazards found on the road. Contact with the road surface is compromised, and the tires will run on their shoulders instead of the stronger tread section causing premature wear and requiring early replacement.

The service center at Poway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is equipped to analyze the wear on your tires and adjust your air-pressure to its proper level. Stop in and get started with us at 13811 Poway Road!

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