You won't know it by looking at the Dodge Durango from the outside, but the mid-size SUV comes available in two engines. Consumers have a choice of a six-cylinder and an eight-cylinder engine. No matter what engine sits under the hood, the Dodge Durango offers up excellent fuel economy.

The six-cylinder version comes with an automatic eight-speed transmission. The miles per gallon stats are impressive for an SUV. On the highway, the model gets 26 mpg. With slower city traffic, expect about 19 mpg. When combining both city and highway driving, 21 mpg is the usual result.

The eight-cylinder version gets a little less mpg, which is understandable. A larger, more powerful engine requires more gasoline to run. Expect 21 combined mpg for city and highway driving. In the city alone, the model logs 17 mpg.

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