The Jeep Cherokee has been around for quite some time, and it has evolved with the times. This compact SUV is a fan-favorite among people of all ages because it serves a purpose. On the other hand, the Cherokee looks great, and it hosts a plethora of advanced features. Let's look at some of the capability attributes to get a better perspective.

To protect the front underside of the truck, Jeep has implemented skid plates that are very rigid in structure. This comes in handy when you're off-roading. If you just so happen to need to pull something, then Cherokee's tow hooks are more than capable enough to get the job done. The vehicle's four-wheel drive system is phenomenal as it ensures that each tire has the right amount of traction at all times. Being prepared for the unexpected is what this model was built on, and that's a fact.

To test drive this compact SUV, then you should head over to our location when you get the chance.

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