The Jeep Compass Lets You See No Matter the Circumstance

Having clarity in design is helpful, but sometimes means nothing if you're in a storm and can't even see your car. Thankfully, the Jeep Compass is a popular Compass SUV that knows a way around this, giving you extensive lighting options to make any inclement weather seem like a sunny day.

For example, the most prominent lighting fixture of the Compass are the headlamps in the front of the car that are also illuminated by an LED strip. These lights are also different colors, allowing you to see with depth while driving. There are 3 different lights on each side of the car, making for a whopping 6 lights in the front. The third light on each side is a fog lamp that is automatically activated when there's either intense darkness or fog, allowing you to see with ease.

This signature type of lighting is also used for the rear end of the car to give you just as much visibility when backing up. Want to learn more about the Jeep Compass? Stop by Poway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today for your own test drive!

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